Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Worth it ?

I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a reasonable amount of time now, seven years to be precise.

I started a blog around internet software when I was in 11th standard. I had no clue that affiliate marketing or posting those reviews could make me money.

I started writing software reviews because I am a total nerd about using new software. While in school, I was really into windows seven themes, especially some software that could make Windows 7 look like Jarvis from Iron man.

Almost most of my time went into either playing grand theft auto or trying out these new skins.

Then I decided, while I am spending this much time on it, why not write about them on my blog.

Hence started my journey of writing software reviews.

I went from themes to window speed optimization software to VPNs to hosting providers over 1-to 2 years.

I had no clue I could have been making money from these reviews for a long time.

One day I posted a review without linking to the official website.

The company reached out to me and told me I should link to their download page, and as a way to make me do it fast, they mentioned their affiliate program.

This was my entry into affiliate marketing!

I immediately signed up and linked to their download page.

Over the following weeks, I was on a sort of high.

While this story sounds not so big, this took a good two years to happen.

The main reason?

I was doing everything on my own.

From coming up with a domain name to setting up WordPress to writing and posting blogs, I was doing everything on my own.

And it sucked!

I was working without any direction. Had there been a mentor, I might have made progress sooner.

When I open Twitter these days and see many affiliate marketing courses, I wonder what would have happened if I had done one of them.

Would I have learned the process faster?


But, I often think it’s good I had no courses.

Because, in the absence of a course, I experimented & failed.

When I now work with fellow affiliate bloggers, there is a massive difference in our efficiency. While they know the correct way, I know all the ways things can go wrong and how to fix each of them.

I’ve seen it all, from a hacked WordPress blog to slow and lazy WordPress sites.

My personal opinion on Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Worth it?

Amm.. both yes and no.

While a course will help you get started and learn the path, it might not teach you a million things that can go wrong. That comes only from self-experimentation.

Not to mention that the majority number of courses on the internet are pure garbage. Another downside of learning from a course is that they often go outdated once there is a significant update from either search engines or other platforms involved in the whole journey.

I’d recommend a mixture of course & self-explorations.

Over time, I’ll update this blog with resources to learn affiliate marketing.

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